Contribute to this project

There are many ways to contribute to this project, you are free to choose based on your ability.



Kalkun is mainly build with CodeIgniter and jQuery, so if you have skill on this area you're welcome. Currently Kalkun use Git as source code management and it's hosted on GitHub. Feel free to fork and pull request or sending patches.


If you get used to finding error/bugs, you can contribute to this area. You can use the latest released and latest development snapshot version to test, you maybe either install and test it on your own machine or try on out demo server. Then you can use our Bug Tracker to report incase you found bugs on the test.


If you are good at writing, you may suite to this area. The Kalkun Wiki is really need some love, it will be nice if we also have an User Manual.


It will be nice if people who don't know English can also use Kalkun. Read more How to translate Kalkun to your own language.


via PayPal, you can use Donate Button below or sending directly to